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Hello friends and neighbors.

Welcome to my website wherein you’ll find bits and pieces about my doings and reflections on the craft and business of mystery and crime writing, smoking cigars, current events, and oh yes, donuts. You’ve no doubt noted the rather large plaster donut that sits atop Randy’s Donuts, a structure that’s in keeping with the American tradition of having buildings as giant tamales, hot dogs, night owls for all-night diners, and so on. What urbanist Sam Hall Kaplan has labeled programmatic architecture, the building looks like what they sell or do. I enjoy telling stories in various mediums about various sorts of characters, and I try to show that on this site.  You’ll also find out about upcoming projects, and if I get around to it, a few ramblings on whatever the hell’s on my mind now and then.

So please take a few minutes to click on one of the interviews below or simply browse through the site and give me your feedback.

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