Beat L.A.

The Beat L.A. graphic novel reprints in their entirety the webcomics Bicycle Cop Dave and Brand & Reese. Bicycle police officer David Richter is a busted down plainclothes detective, patrolling on his trusty bike and his colleagues, uniformed cops Markus Brand and J.P. Reese, middle-aged semi-burned out partners scouring those same quixotic streets and byways in their patrol car. Between the two linked tales there’s a crack smoking lawyer, a one-armed crazed prophet, a hidden homeless enclave, a muscle-bound woman enforcer, a preacher with more than the Gospel on his mind, the devious Genghis Rabbit, mystic gangbangers, cartel funded property shenanigans, pandering politicians, and some big time development hanky-panky.

  • paperback