Green Hornet

I’m very pleased with my short story, “Soldanus, the Sultan of Crime,” in the all-original Green Hornet Casefiles anthology from Moonstone. What’s cool is the stories are much more in the crime genre than the costumed hero mold. Set in late ’60s-early ’70s Detroit, the characters are based on the Hornet and Kato from the short-lived but beloved TV series. In my tale, there are also influences from those Motor City-based mystery and crime novels Elmore Leonard and Loren Estlemen wrote, with an opening riffing on the Blaxploitation caper flick Detroit 9000 — muscle cars roaring along icy streets, shady pols and their machinations and kung fu action. Does it get any better?

“With all due respect to Van Williams and Bruce Lee, these characters are a bit more edgier…not having to compete with Batman and Robin. Any Green Hornet fan MUST have this collection!”

— Amazon review

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