Freelance Black crime photographer Harry Ingram is a Korean War vet in 1963 Los Angeles on the eve of a visit by Martin Luther King, Jr. prior to the March on Washington. Then a long-gone foxhole buddy shows up and dies under mysterious circumstances. Armed with his wits, his camera, and occasionally his service .45, Harry plunges headfirst into the seamier underbelly of L.A. society — tangling with racists, leftists, blackmailers, gangsters, zealots and lovers, all in the hope of finding something resembling justice for his friend.

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  • Joe Long says:

    Gary – any idea where I can get signed copies of One-Shot Harry.? Just spoke to Patrick at Poisoned Pen – sold out.
    I am based in Manhattan.

  • steve houlette says:

    Great book Mr Phillips. Your research is very informative, made me go to Google dozens of times. I haven’t found this yet but is Charlotta Bass related to 2020 presidential primary candidate Ms. Bass from California?

  • J Anania says:

    One note: the Fantastic Four debuted much later than Implied in the book. Otherwise, thank you.

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