Implacable expediter Marley has a rep for getting goods from here to there, no questions asked. So when a call from the truly fine and truly rich Colombian drug queen Lina Guzmÿn reaches him, he gets busy—she needs to get from Tijuana to Sacramento in less than 24 hours—’Cause there’s a phat million waiting for him if he delivers her in one piece.

But the conniving Samson Twelvetrees, Lina’s once trusted lieutenant, has guessed our girl’s play; she’s looking to go legit and sell out the organization to Dakin Saunders, California’s law-and-order, gubernatorial hopeful Attorney General. And that’s a move Twelvetrees will keep from going down at all costs.

From goth creepshow rejects to pop glam killers to Twelvetrees’s private army of stone gangsters, Marley and Lina are beset by assassins looking to earn some serious bounty for their deaths. Battling damn near every step they take, the frenzied chase takes the pair through parts of California not found in the Triple A guidebook.

And if that weren’t enough trouble for Marley, the hot-headed Lina, a woman used to having her way, especially with men, keeps throwing big drama, messing up his carefully constructed plans. But his rep, not to mention his ass, are on the line, and Marley is going to get the job done—no matter how many of The Perpetrators stand in his way.

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