Warlord of Willow Ridge

The Great Recession. All the miles. All the blood.  All has led him here.  Looking for a place to hole up, O’Conner, with nothing to his name but a failing motorcycle, a gun and uncollected debts  lies low in the last place he thought he’d end up –– the suburbs. For Willow Ridge, once an exclusive gated community, is now tarnished and crumbling.

When a bloody confrontation seems inevitable between the Mas Trece, who control part of the meth trade and the Vandal Vikings motorcycle gang, who have their piece of the meth trade among other criminal pursuits, and O’Conner is working a  heist all his own, the career criminal is forced to make life-or-death decisions about his newfound neighbors and his place among them. The American Dream is in flames and O’Conner wonders if he’ll be left standing when the smoke clears.

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