In April 2013, Pro Se Productions released Black Pulp, a collection of stories written in classic pulp genres featuring lead characters of African descent.  Not only were readers captivated by the cast of characters featured in the book, they also saw the potential of future volumes, both of Black Pulp, and collections featuring other ethnicities in much the same way. Pro Se Productions proudly announces the release of Asian Pulp, featuring seventeen of today’s best authors, in both print and digital format.

The anthology features stories by the likes of Naomi Hirahara (Grave on Grand Avenue), Gigi Pandian (USA Today bestseller), William F. Wu (Hugo award nominee), and Gp with an introduction by writer and co-producer of the TV crime drama Justified, Leonard Chang.  Asian Pulp also features a fantastic, evocative cover by illustrator Adam Shaw.

The cool part about this collection is the stories aren’t detective noir, Asian Pulp features western, mysteries, action and adventure and more.”

            — Major Spoilers site

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